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What is Pad Thai?

Pad Thai or Phad Thai is a popular Thai dish made of stir fried noodles and vegetables in a tangy and sweet sauce. The dish has become so popularized that it has been nominated as one of the world’s “50 most delicious foods” and is now commonly incorporated as street food in most of the […]

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Convection vs. Conventional Ovens

Convection vs. conventional; what’s the diff? From the outside, convection and conventional ovens look like they could be the same. In fact, sometimes you can have one oven that cooks both ways. Both ovens can be either gas or electric, but their methods of heating the food are what make them different. A conventional oven produces heat from one […]

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Why is Basting Important?

Basting is a simple technique that helps re-introduce moisture into food. Basting is done by spooning juices from the bottom of the pan back onto the meat using a ladle, spoon, basting brush or tool 3-4 times during the cooking process. This cooking trick is one of the best ways to imbue flavor into whatever […]

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What is Tamarind Paste?

Tamarind paste or tamarind concentrate is made from the pulp of the tamarind fruit. The fruit grows in tropical areas and beaches in large trees. The fruit grows similar to a pea pod. Each seed in the pod is wrapped in a tangy and flavorful pulp. This pulp is extracted and diluted to be used […]

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