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Party On: Make 2+ Kits at Once

Usually, doubling up on kits does not change much about the recipe; but sometimes small adjustments can be made to make cooking for a larger crowd easier. EASIEST WAY TO MISE EN PLACE 2x THE INGREDIENTS * MISE THIS: When doubling up on kits one of the best steps to keep sane is to lay out […]

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One Pot This Kit: Weeknight Pad Thai

If you’re looking to cut down one pot while you’re making your Pad Thai follow these easy steps! Mise en place the same way. 1. MISE EN PLACE: Read through entire recipe before getting started. Chop peanuts. Trim and peel carrot, then julienne. Cut broccoli into bite-size florets.* Tear cilantro leaves and tender cilantro stems […]

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