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Feed A Family

Now that school is out, help us help families on the east side of St. Paul, MN learn new food skills and feel empowered to consume healthy, home cooked meals. By donating to Local Crate and East Side Table's Make-At-Home Meal Kit Pilot Program, for the price of one Crate, you can help bring Local Crate's mission full circle.
  • Watch East Side Table's video about the 2017 program HERE

Dear Locals,

This summer, we are proud to work with East Side Table for a second time to help continue our Make-At-Home Meal Kit program for families on the east side of St. Paul, MN. Our team is excited for the opportunity to supply all of our resources to this cause. The goal of this program? To help participants to learn new food skills and empower them to consume healthy, home cooked meals more often.

The Make-At-Home Meal Kit Pilot Program was born out of significant research done surrounding access to healthy food and food preparation skills in Minnesota. In a 2016 survey of Minnesotans, 87% of respondents felt they lacked the knowledge and skills to purchase and prepare healthy foods on a budget. Our 2017 Make-At-Home Meal Kit Pilot Program was a huge success, impacting the lives of over 100 families on the east side of St. Paul.

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Your support alone is fueling us to work on these amazing initiatives. Thank you!

If you want to contribute directly to the program, Local Crate will match your donation. Your donation of $24 will be matched by Local Crate in-kind, so that we can get these meals kits to as many families as we can.

The East Side Table Make-at-Home Kit Pilot Program brings everything we are doing at Local Crate full circle. Local sourcing, local menu inspiration, local distribution. The fact that we have a chance to partner with East Side Table to create something so beneficial to our community and neighbors…it doesn’t get much better than this.

As always, we are so grateful for your support. Without it, Local Crate would not be able to give back to the communities we love so much.




Cooking Instructions

EastSideTable 2017-11
Step 1: Gather community members, eager to learn
EastSideTable 2017-22
Step 2: Mix in some teachers, ready to share
EastSideTable 2017-38
Step 3: Chefs tip: Adding in some good food will make the whole thing sweeter
Step 4: A team of dedicated workers and volunteers packing meal kits are a key ingredient for this recipe
EST participants
Step 5: Finish it off by having learned something new