Local Burger Bundle- Minneapolis Pickup

Countless awards from the strictest foodies agree: Lowry Hill Meat's burgers are insanely good. The beef is dry-aged for 2 weeks, 100% pastured in Minnesota, naturally raised, antibiotic & hormone free, and finished on GMO free grain. Together with fresh baked buns from The Wedge Co-Op and house made pickles soaked in a classic, sweet vinegar brine, they are mouthwateringly delicious.
  • 6 Lowry Hill Meats 100% MN Pasture Grown Ground Beef Patties
  • 6 Soft Burger Buns Baked In-House at The Wedge Co-Op
  • 1 8oz. Lowry Hill Meats House Made Pickles
Add to your crate before menu closes on Thursday. Pick up at Lowry Hill Meats on your way up to the cabin or at home starting Friday @ 11am.
Lowry Hill Meats focuses on old-world skills with a culinary background. Working directly with family farms, Lowry Hill Meats brings you the very best regionally sourced, ethically raised, clean, quality meats. 
More about Lowry Hill Meats here: http://www.lowryhillmeats.com/press/
Eric Sather
This recipe was designed by local chef:
Erik Sather - Lowry Hill Meats
Erik is the owner of Lowry Hill Meats in Minneapolis. He started his connection to good food early in life—growing up on a hog farm in Southern Minnesota. Through years of cooking in some of Minneapolis' best restaurants, Erik continued his passion for connecting to the source of his ingredients, and being as much a part of the process as possible. Now at Lowry Hill he dedicates his time to being the neighborhood butcher shop, busy with fun menu items, new meats and cooking classes.

What you need


Cooking Instructions

Step 1: PICK UP

@ LOWRY HILL MEATS starting Friday at 11am.

Step 2: GRILL

In the city or at the cabin

Step 3: FLIP

According to desired doneness

Step 4: SERVE

With warm buns and fresh pickles!


& a few cold ones!