Paprika Chicken with Spinach & White Wine Butter Sauce

Seared chicken with creamy paprika-wine sauce, wilted spinach and mushroom-thyme rice. 
Difficulty: Easy
Time: 35-40 min
This dish is Gluten-Free
Calories: 778 Fat: 23g Carbs: 68g Protein: 21g

This dish is a lighter, quicker riff on traditional Hungarian chicken paprikash. Instead of a long braise, we make a quick cream-based paprika sauce to top tender, seared chicken and wilted spinach, and serve the whole thing over cremini mushroom rice. Quick, delicious and yet still the comfort food you crave.

Smoked paprika
White Wine
Jasmine rice
Cremini mushrooms
Heavy Cream
Chicken breasts

Cooking terms for this recipe

Mince To cut a food into very small pieces.
Deglaze To dissolve the small particles remaining in a pan by adding liquid and heating.
Sauté “To jump”. To fry in a small amount of fat at high heat.

What you need

Medium sauté pan with lid

Medium pot with lid