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Make it at Home
Cooking Terms
To slice into thin strips about the size of matchsticks.
To cook a food (fruit or vegetable) slowly until it becomes brown and sweet.
To add decorative or savory touches to food.
Corn tortillas
Bell pepper
Sour cream
Taco seasoning
Chicken breasts
You Supply


Foil-lined baking sheet


Step-by-Step Instructions

Read through the entire recipe before getting started. Preheat oven to 450ºF. Wash and dry all produce. Remove ends, peel, cut in HALF, then julienne onion. Tear cilantro leaves and tender cilantro stems, discard tough stems. Remove seeds and stem from bell pepper, then julienne. Remove chicken breasts from package; rinse and pat dry. Slice into 1" strips.


Line sheet pan with aluminum foil, dull side up. Drizzle foil-lined sheet pan with 1 Tbsp. oil. Place onions, bell pepper and chicken strips on sheet pan and drizzle with one more Tbsp. oil. Add taco seasoning and season with salt and pepper. Toss to coat with your hands. Spread in an even layer.
Pro-tip: Drizzle 1 tsp oil on sheet pan before lining with aluminum foil. This will keep the foil from moving around and make clean up a snap!


Bake fajitas for 20-25 min, turning occasionally, until chicken is fully cooked and vegetables are caramelized and tender. While the fajitas are baking proceed to Step #4.


Set tortillas in the center of a large sheet of aluminum foil. It should be big enough to wrap around the tortillas. Wrap tightly.
Pro-tip: If you want your tortillas to be charred, skip the aluminum foil and place tortillas on grill or sauté pan for 30-60 sec per side until warmed. Remove from heat and keep warm until ready to plate.


Remove fajitas from oven. Using a spoon or spatula, push fajitas to one side, making room for tortillas. Set wrapped tortillas on sheet pan and return to oven. Bake for another 5-8 min until tortillas are warm and fajitas begin to brown.
Pro-tip: If you warmed tortillas in a pan, skip this step.


Remove fajitas from oven and carefully unwrap tortillas. [Caution: steam might come out of the packet when you open it!] Pile fajitas in tortillas. Top with a dollop of sour cream and garnish with cilantro. Enjoy!