What is Pad Thai?
Everyone's favorite take-out dish.

Pad Thai or Phad Thai is a popular Thai dish made of stir fried noodles and vegetables in a tangy and sweet sauce. The dish has become so popularized that it has been nominated as one of the world’s “50 most delicious foods” and is now commonly incorporated as street food in most of the world. The iconic dish is made of lightly cooked thick rice noodles stirred with chicken, pork or shrimp, a variety of vegetables (depending on the region), all cooked in a tangy sauce made with tamari or soy sauce as its base, and topped with scrambled egg and crunchy peanuts. The meats, toppings and spiciness vary greatly by culture and region, but we can all agree on its deliciousness no matter where we’re eating it. The dish is known to have been developed after Thailand suffered a shortage of rice during World War II. Government officials promoted eating noodles instead and as a result “sen Chen” or rice noodles came to be. Today both thin or “vermicelli” noodles and thick rice noodles are staples in many Thai dishes and many more south east Asian cuisines. Yum!