How to Choose the Best Cocktail App For You

Last Updated: April, 2024

Top 10 Best Cocktail Recipe Apps:

In today's internet era, cocktail enthusiasts and amateur mixologists have a wealth of resources to make delicious and unique cocktails. Cocktail recipe apps have become a vital tool for people interested in learning the art of mixology.
With so many options, here is the list of the top 10 best cocktail recipe platforms to help you advance your bartending abilities and blaze your visitors.
These apps provide an extensive library of cocktail recipes, suggestions, and interactive elements to enhance your cocktail-making trip, ranging from traditional mixtures to current ones.

1. Cocktail Flow:

Cocktail Flow has become a favor for many peoples, and it allows you to search for cocktails based on various criteria, such as cocktail kind and strength, cocktail color, and base spirit. This includes a non-alcoholic smoothie category for non-drinking people.
Bookmarking feature is available to bookmark your favorite cocktails recipes for later use. This app has an advanced feature that allows users to search by ingredient to prepare a drink with what they have on hand.
The free version has some cocktail recipes. Do you need to access all of the cocktail recipes? If so, then you need to pay for the premium version.


Whether you are a bartender who wants to further develop your career over time or a newbie who wishes to take your initial steps in this industry, this app is a solid choice.
If you are a paid user, you can access Academy classes, an online cocktail library, and, most importantly, you can be a MIXOLOGY Academy's official partner.
Additionally, Memory Cocktail and Speed Working are considered to be recent features. This feature you can get by subscribing to plans like School Year. 

3. Liquor Cabinet:

The Liquor Cabinet is considered one of the favorite free cocktail apps. This platform fully concentrates on cocktail history and education.
On this platform, you can start by seeing the vital cocktails, ranging from the Tequila Sunrise to the Singapore Sling. Here each cocktail is enhanced with a full biography and recipe to prepare the cocktail.
Bottles Guide has an advanced feature that allows you to deliver the tasting notes for specific spirits. Also, you can decide which ones to purchase in your recipes. Additionally, you can save your favorite recipes and send them to friends through text messages or social media.

4. Cocktails Guru:

Cocktails Guru is one of the most well-known cocktail applications in the digital world. This platform includes a wide range of drink recipes and even simple bartending tools and materials listings.
If the recipe does not come well, go through the guidelines provided on this platform. The cocktail recipes in this app have complete images to see how they appear.
Professionals consider the Cocktails Guru app an outstanding tool for determining new alcoholic drink recipes.

5. Untappd:

Untappd is a popular smartphone app that allows users to estimate and analyze the beers they drink. Untappd was founded years ago by Tim Mather and Greg Avola. Recently, this application has gained a reputation among beer enthusiasts.
With more than a million members, this platform planned to expand its reach and database by gaining product information from users who discussed and reviewed their brews.

6. My Cocktail Bar:

One of the most advanced mixologist applications in Google Play is My Cocktail Bar. The platform structures a carefully curated range of cocktails and drinks. This application allows you to prepare a delicious cocktail with the available ingredients on hand.
This type of platform has user-friendly options like category browsing, which instantly produces the results based on your search.
It allows you to upload your drink recipes and offers regular software updates. This platform clearly describes the ingredients so that users can get some knowledge about the ingredients.

7. Highball:

Highball platform allow you to make and share customized cocktail recipes. You can import recipes, bend the ingredients, and add an image to create a professional-looking card.
Also, you can share this card with friends or on social media. This platform offers limited cocktail recipes.
But this application is ideal for cocktail fanatics and even bartenders who want to save and share their cocktail recipes in a professional-looking manner.

8. Perfect Drink:

It is challenging to prepare a delicious cocktail recipe on the first try. But with the help of the Perfect Drink smartphone app, you will get some guidance to prepare tasty cocktails. This type of platform provides real-time advice on how to mix your cocktail.
Simply place your glass on the scale and select a cocktail recipe, and the Perfect Drink application will do the rest. You will learn the proper sequence and amount of components and simple skills.

9. Lush Cocktails:

The Lush Cocktails platform focuses on making recipes that appear delicious. It also helps you keep track of where you are in the process.
You can start by picking a cocktail recipe from the database or by selecting the ingredients you have on hand. By doing this, you will get a list of suggestions.
Then, check off each section, allowing you to visualize the proportions of each drink. According to your needs, you can swap between metric and imperial quantities.

10. Bartender's Choice:

In the past few days, limited varieties of cocktails had been available. But now, the varieties have been reaching high. A customer sits at the bar, unconfident of what they want. Before mentioning the perfect drink, this platform asks you questions about liquor, sensations, style, and extras.
Bartender's Choice application is available for iPhone and android. Also, this platform is perfect for both bartenders and at-home bartenders.


Mastering the fundamental methods and simple cocktail recipes is required first. Because of the rapid advancement of application development, you can learn cocktail recipes from the comfort of your home. With the help of the ideal cocktail recipe app, you can prepare for your home party and enjoy your day.

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