Beef Pot Roast with Roasted Vegetables & Rosemary Jus by Chef Gavin Kaysen
Nothing feels homier and more fitting for a crisp weather evening than a pot roast. This version from the James Beard Award-Winning chef behind Spoon and Stable was inspired by Gavin Kaysen's grand­mother and lifelong inspiration, Dorothy. Her pot roast is one of Chef Gavin's most iconic meals. Pair this heartwarming dish with a bottle of Cabernet.
Chef Gavin Kaysen
Spoon and Stable
Kimchi Fried Rice with Buttered Vegetables & Fried Egg by Chef Ann Kim
Chef Ann Kim's kimchi fried rice is the solution to your weeknight dinner despair! A mix of white and black rice, stir-fried until crispy, blends fantastically with veggies and a savory-sweet sauce of sesame oil, butter and tamari. The kimchi - a slightly spicy fermented cabbage - adds a kick and grounds the recipe in her Korean roots.
Chef Ann Kim
Young Joni
Spice & Salt Crusted Steak with Mashed Potatoes in Creamy Mushroom Sauce by Food52
This tender, flavorful spiced steak is inspired by some of the wonderful recipes on Food52, one of our favorite online food resources. We love how a simple, salty, spicy crust updates beloved steak and potatoes. Serving it with a creamy mushroom-thyme pan sauce sends it over the top. As the days get colder and the nights get longer, treat yourself to this upscale, simple meal and a glass of merlot.
Char Siu Chicken Tacos with Sesame Slaw
Chef Yia brings a true fusion of Southeast Asian and Chinese influences to his food. This dish starts with a char siu- style chicken and is brought to life with a creamy sesame slaw. Make sure to check out Chef Yia’s video featuring this delish dish. Then, get that grill ready and crack a cold one...it’s time for tacos, Hmong-style!
Chef Yia Vang
Union Kitchen
Spanish Steak Skewers with Saffron Rice and Yogurt Sauce
Chef Tim McKee is helping you serve up a tapas-inspired Pinchos, or skewered snacks, can include anything from meat and cheese to olives and pickled vegetables. They are typically served as an appetizer at Spanish Tapas bars, but here McKee turns them into a complete meal by pairing these grilled steak with a jewel-toned saffron rice and a fresh yogurt sauce.
Chef Tim McKee
Octo Fish Bar
Weeknight Chicken Pad Thai with Seared Vegetables
Pad Thai is a traditional stir-fried rice noodle dish from Thailand that is commonly eaten as a street food or at casual restaurants. The noodles, meat, egg, and vegetables are cooked in a tangy sauce made from tamarind fruit. This version has every­thing you love about the take-out classic, but with some added vegetables for more good-for-you nutrients. Skip the delivery and make this easy noodle dish tonight.
Chicken Tikka Masala with Jasmine Rice
We've taken the classic Indian recipe for Tikka Masala and made it easy to make on a weeknight. Chicken is marinated in yogurt to flavor and tenderize the meat before it's simmered in a creamy tomato sauce scented with garlic, ginger, turmeric, garam masala and more. Ladle the velvety sauce over jasmine rice, garnish with some fresh cilantro and curl up with this bowl of comfort that's perfect for any night.
Red Curry Coconut Chickpea Bowls with Kale & Jasmine Rice
Warm up from the inside out with this hearty dish made with love and curried chickpeas. The tender sweet potatoes, cooked with a sweet brown sugar and ras el hanout blend, make this bowl aromatic and cozy from the start. Finished with fresh wilted kale and coconut cream and served over fluffed jasmine rice. So many flavors to soak up thanks to the magic of local makers and growers. Pair with a cozy blanket and glass of buttery white.
Italian Chicken with Roasted Tomatoes, Baby Kale & Potatoes
This creamy, one-pan chicken dish is simple but incredibly delicious. We enhance this dish with roasted tomatoes that have been packed in olive oil and seasoned with Italian herbs. The roasted tomatoes and potatoes make for a quick hash that bakes with the chicken and absorbs all of its flavor. Finished with baby kale and a light cream sauce to round out the dish. Did we mention that you only use ONE pan? Dinner and dishes. Done.
Sheet-Pan Chicken Fajita Tacos
ABOUT THE DISH The perfect balance of spicy, sweet and salty, these fajitas deliver a flavor explosion. And talk about easy!  Prepping them on a sheet tray means quicker cooking and easier clean up, perfect for weeknight meals.
One-Pot Dijon Roasted Chicken with Carrots & Potatoes
This one-pot miracle dinner is the very definition of comfort food. Easy, simple and full of flavor. Au jus is a traditional French technique which refers to the concentration of flavors released by meats and vegetables while cooking. This forms a pan sauce that can be served with the dish. It's a simple trick to maximize flavor and impress your friends and family with your classical French cuisine skills!
Carne Asada Bowl with Chimichurri & Grilled Zucchini
Mmmmmm... Chimichurri! This classic South American herby and zesty sauce is served over Asado (grilled meat) to bring a contrasting element to the smoky charred meat. This vivacious, versatile sauce is easy to make, and once you master it, we promise it will become your go-to condiment. Try it drizzled over roasted root vegetables, as a marinade for pork chops or smeared on the bread of a cheesy panini.
Lemon Parmesan Chicken with Asparagus & Mashed Potatoes
Nothing says comfort like a plate full of buttery mashed potatoes! We've really brought things up a notch by topping these potatoes (and chicken) with a creamy sauce that is balanced by adding tangy-sweet sun-dried tomatoes and a touch of acidity from fresh squeezed lemon. This comfort food is elevated with fresh, crisp asparagus and kale.
Roasted Chicken Shawarma Bowl with Tzatziki
This shawarma bowl brings all the right blends of spices and freshness to the table. We start with roasted, marinated chicken and give them a Levantine twist with this shawarma spice blend. Think warm spices like curry, paprika and cinnamon paired with a tangy tzatziki sauce and fresh veggies... a perfect blend of flavor for an easy dinner!
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