Best Cooking and Recipe Apps to Help You Cook Like a Pro

Last Updated: May, 2024

Top 10 Cooking Apps to try at your home:

As many women know, cooking is one of the best activities that not only fulfill your tummy but also satisfies your soul. Sometimes cooking will enhance your mood. When you cook food that tastes delicious, it feels like an achievement.
Are you cooking the repeated recipe daily and thus makes you bored? Or else are you new to cooking and looking for some solution? If yes, don't worry! The best solution is using cooking apps. Recently, these apps have been more frequently used by everyone.
Your smartphone is an amazing collection of cooking recipes that will teach you how to prepare new dishes and improve your cooking abilities. Below listed are the top cooking apps:

1. BigOven:

BigOven is a recipe-finding app with over many million downloads across iPad, iPhone, and Android. When you have doubts about making any meal, try the BIGOven app. This app is completely available for free download.
One of the excellent advantages is that it syncs all of your information as you log in on any device. Create your menu plan and grocery list on your computer or tablet and access them from your smartphone while shopping.

2. Allrecipes Dinner Spinner:

A cutting-edge software that holds some of the best recipes is Allrecipes Dinner Spinner. This app consists of many amazing recipes with clear instructions and available ingredients. So it is perfect for people who are new to cooking.
With this app, favorite recipes are bookmarked for easy access anywhere and anytime. This app gives instant, easy recipes by simply searching for the ingredients you have on hand or the type of cuisine you want to cook.

3. Yummly:

One of the best user-friendly applications available on the play store is Yummly. Along with listing recipes, this application provides professional suggestions to make your meals. There are countless recipes with video tutorials and step-by-step guidelines to make cooking easy.
All the instructions are simple to follow, and you can get all this cooking help for free. You can search for recipes based on cook time, methodology, and other factors using the Search Filter feature.

4. Epicurious:

Are you an experienced home cook and looking to try more different recipes? If so, Epicurious is the solid choice. This app supports iOS and lets you browse recipes from popular cooking publishers.
Also, you can save your recipe and share it with your cooking partner. This app does not disappoint users because of its customization options. One can customize this app's settings and recommendations based on their requirements.

5. Kitchen Stories:

This app contains a larger number of recipes, instructional videos, and culinary articles and is ideal for people looking to enhance their cooking skills. With this app, you can publish personal recipes to the Kitchen Stories community.
This app has a review section where you can review and also you can add your reviews. For easy access, there are features to like and save recipes. Additionally, you can store the saved recipes in a cookbook.

6. How to Cook Everything:

How to Cook Everything book and app versions are available, which have won multiple awards. This app has 2,000 tasty and simple recipes to satisfy every cook. The software converts all recipe quantities to metric with a single press.
The Search page's filters make it simple to locate exactly what you are looking for. Pre-set, adjustable timers inside recipes help to guarantee that nothing is overcooked. Have you feeling difficult to find your favorite recipe on this app? Then make sure to bookmark with your favorite options.

7. Paprika Recipe Manager:

Another great recipe book-style app is Paprika Recipe Manager. The app has a sleek Material Design-style UI, and you can do tiny things like add images to each dish. The software can also scale ingredients for larger or smaller quantities, set timers, and even help you plan meals.
You may also scrape recipes from websites like My CookBook, it can sometimes be finicky. This is another great one for creating your own recipes.

8. Food Network Kitchen:

Famous Food Network chefs from various restaurants upload their recipes in this app. Are you looking for the best breakfast, lunch, or dinner recipes? Then, this app can offer you multiple recipes to cook unique food.
This app contains many photos and video instructions to help you cook a meal. One of the most beneficial of using this app is it provides you with the necessary nutritional information for every meal.

9. NYT Cooking:

Recently, more user-friendly cooking apps have been available in the market. Among them NYT Cooking app is a simple cooking software with several recipes and images to make it elegant and simple to use.
The NYT Cooking app has more advanced features and includes over 19,000 New York Times recipes. This app features amazing cooking images, which attract customers. The recipes posted in this app can be simple and quick.

10. Pepperplate:

Finally, if you are looking for something that helps in cooking unique meals, choosing the Pepperplate is ideal. You can easily manage your recipe with the available feature, eliminating the books and paper stack.
This app has a specific feature called cook mode, which prevents your mobile screen from dimming. Also, you can share your favorite recipe with your friends through email, Facebook, and tweeter. Additionally, you can arrange the shopping list according to your need.
Final words:
Cooking can be simple or complex, depending on skill and experience. These cooking apps are handy and provide simple step-by-step instructions with illustrations and other additional features. The extensive capabilities of these cooking apps might help you locate new recipes even if you have limited resources and ingredients.

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