2024 Latest Vegan Diet Meal Delivery Services | How To Pick The Right One For You

Last Updated: June, 2024

The Top 10 Vegan Diet Meal Delivery Services to Try in 2024:

Adopting vegan and low-carb meals is not just a trend today. The risks of type 2 diabetes and heart disease are lowered by a vegan diet. Whether you're committed to veganism or seeking to increase vegetable consumption, vegan meal kits offer a way to assume control over your dietary preferences.
Now, it's easier than ever to lead a healthful vegan lifestyle with the availability of vegan meal delivery services. Read about the top 10 carefully crafted meal kits for nutritional balance. These vegan meal kits are supported by research and can be easily prepared and enjoyed.
The following list is the top ten vegan meal delivery services.

HelloFresh Vegan Meal Plan:

The vegetarian meal plan from HelloFresh is ideal for a family's plant-based diet. Fresh vegetables and nutrient-dense whole grains are included in this. This plan caters to those seeking low-calorie, vegetarian-friendly options, with the added convenience of a one-click vegetarian choice. A vegan meal is easily achievable by substituting or omitting non-vegan components during the cooking process.
Price: From $7.99 per serving

Sunbasket Vegan Meal Plan:

With its superb vegan meal kit delivery service, Sunbasket succeeds at hitting all the right notes. With an impressive array of options, their meals are not only flavorful and vibrant but also nutritionally balanced. Its popularity as a top choice for vegans is heightened by the ease of cooking a variety of dishes in only 20 minutes. Several meals from various international cuisines can be found on the menu.
The values-based corporate strategy of Sunbasket exemplifies the company's dedication to the community, environmental sustainability, and high standards. Sunbasket further reinforces its dedication through its use of entirely recyclable packaging.
Price: From $9.99 per serving

Green Chef Vegan Meal Plan:

Green Chef has the capacity to maintain the perfect harmony between affordability, quality, and ethical considerations. This establishment prioritizes sustainability while specializing in serving vegan food. They exclusively use organic ingredients for their dishes and employ entirely recyclable packaging.
Meal kits for vegans make up the majority of their menu options. You have a wide range of options throughout the week, thanks to Green Chef's products. Many of the vegetarian selections can effortlessly be adapted to vegan preferences by omitting ingredients like cheese or cream.
Price: From $11.99 per serving

Home Chef Vegan Meal Plan:

A number of meal plans are available from Home Chef that can be modified for vegans. Meals featuring meat can be swapped with vegan meat alternatives, and dairy components like cheese and cream-based sauces can be omitted from regular Home Chef dishes.
While Home Chef does include 2-3 vegetarian choices in their weekly rotating menu, these options can be personalized for your preferences.
Price: From $8.99 per serving

Factor Vegan Meal Plan:

Each week, freshly prepared meals from Factor can be conveniently heated in a microwave within minutes. A variety of vegan options from Factor serves as an excellent source of excitement. For example, in a given week, the vegan selections might include dishes like lentils and rice, mushroom masala, and sweet and sour cauliflower.
However, it's important to note that Factor typically presents just one to four vegan meal alternatives each week. Other than that, Factor consistently introduces fresh vegan choices on a weekly basis.
Price: From $11.00 per serving

Purple Carrot Vegan Meal Plan:

Making healthy and delicious vegan meals is made simpler by Purple Carrot.
In terms of quick, easy, and delicious vegan meal kits, Purple Carrot is, without a doubt, the best. With consistently good evaluations, it maintains its position as the leading supplier of excellent vegan meal kits. Those who want to avoid non-vegan food options should definitely choose this meal delivery service.
You can receive a shipment from them that contains thorough recipe cards and all the necessary components.
Price: From $9.99 per serving

EveryPlate Vegan Meal Plan:

While EveryPlate offers a limited selection of vegetarian dishes, they lack a dedicated vegan meal plan. These vegetarian options can be adapted for vegan preferences by removing cheese and other dairy components, although this solution is not ideal. EveryPlate does excel in promoting a diet focused on whole plant foods, which can be appealing to flexitarians. This strategy, however, falls short for those who have totally adopted a vegan lifestyle. This is because selecting from the five or six weekly vegetarian dinner options would require manual modifications, such as removing cheese, to align with a vegan diet.
Price: From $4.99 per serving

Fresh and Easy Vegan Meal Plan:

The Fresh and Easy meal option from Home Chef is very popular. Meals from Home Chef. Home Chef offers quick and delectable 15-minute meal options. While they provide a vegetarian plan, they do not include options for vegans. Some of their 15-minute recipes can be adapted for a vegan diet. Their pre-made oven-ready dinners cannot be customized in the same way.
To adopt a vegan approach with Fresh and Easy, one would need to discard the cheese and cream-based sauces that accompany each meal. Regrettably, there are no vegan-friendly baked goods provided. In select cases, non-vegan meals can be altered using vegan meat substitutes. Therefore, it's advisable to explore the "customize it" feature before concluding that this meal plan cannot be adapted for a vegan lifestyle.
Price: From $8.99 per serving

Eat Clean To Go Vegan Meal Plan:

Crafted from fresh, natural ingredients, Eat Clean To Go meal options offer a range of vegan meals catering to individuals embracing a vegan lifestyle. With prices starting at $4.30 per meal and shipping costs contingent on location, their vegan meal plan presents an array of enticing choices.
Every meal within this plan is thoughtfully prepared to provide vegans with essential proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and vitamins crucial for balanced nutrition. Your diet can easily incorporate plant-based proteins thanks to creative recipes.
Pricing: flexible prices

Vegin' Out Vegan Meal Plan:

Vegin' Out stands out for its delectable menu in addition to its memorable name. This plant-based delivery service excels by providing a selection of nutritious vegan meals.
If you want a great option for a balanced diet that is sodium, sugar, carbohydrate, and also gluten and soy-free, choose Vegin’ Out. Moreover, they go the extra mile by excluding oil to ensure the cleanest eating experience possible.
If you select an 8-week menu rotation, you can enjoy soups, pasta, stews, grain bowls, and vegetable side dishes.
Price: From $6.00 per serving

Final thoughts:

The material in this overview of vegan meal delivery services is based on research and comes from reliable sources. Pricing, shipping, delivery zones, and promotional offers are all included in the evaluation. To choose an appropriate vegan meal delivery service, consider the level of vegan commitment, pricing, and delivery availability.

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