General Questions:

How much does Local Crate cost?

For the minimum weekly order (2 meals at 2 servings each or 1 meal at 4 servings), the cost is $13.50/serving or $54 total. Once you add a third meal or two more servings the price goes down to $12/serving.

What is the delivery area?

Staying with our local mission we deliver to the state of Minnesota, but we will be expanding into other states soon. Please enter your zip code into the sign up section to see if you are eligible for service.

Can I recycle my box/packaging materials?

Yep! We encourage our customers reuse or recycle both the box & gel packs. Our box is 100% recyclable. To recycle the gel packs, simply clip the corner once it has thawed, and dispose of its liquid contents. The pouch may be recycled along with other plastic recyclables.

I have dietary restrictions/allergies. Do you have recipes that work for me?

Although we are not a diet specific meal kit delivery service, we have a wide range of meals and offerings. Each week we offer a variety of gluten free and vegetarian options. We are also currently working towards a more robust offering of paleo and vegan options.

What types of food do you offer?

We currently offer Beef, Pork, Chicken, Seafood/Shellfish, and Vegetarian options. The recipes range in flavor and cuisine type to offer a wide variety.

How do I contact Customer Service?

You can contact our customer service 24/7 at chef@localcratemeals.com

Who should I email with a press inquiry?

Please contact fjackman@localcratemeals.com

How does our subscription service work?

Signing up for Local Crate is pretty easy. Go to www.localcratemeals.com and follow the prompts to sign up. You will have to enter things like address, email, billing info etc. Once that’s done, we ask that you fill out some basic meal preferences and pick your first few meals. As long as you hit our 4 serving, weekly minimum, you’re all set! You will get an email letting you know what’s in your crate and that you have until Thursday at 9pm to make any changes. After your first weeks crate, our chefs will pick your next week’s meals based on your preferences. You will receive an email letting you know what we picked for you, but don’t worry, you can go in and change your crate at any time up until the cutoff time on Thursday at 9pm. We receive our ingredients on Friday/Saturday, pack your meals on Saturday/Sunday, and deliver on Monday before 7pm

Can I purchase Local Crate as a gift?

Almost!  We’re working on this functionality right now and will keep you posted via email and on social media

How it works:

How are menus planned?

Since we purchase as much as possible from local suppliers we plan our menu based on the lovely seasons that Minnesota has to offer. We always offer beef, chicken, pork, seafood/shellfish, and vegetarian options. We have 5 monthly customer favorites and then 6 recipes that change out every week.

Up to what time period can I change my order prior to delivery?

You can change your crate up until 9pm on the Thursday before delivery. (Delivery is on Monday)

What is the cut-off date to skip a week or meal?

You can change your crate up until 9pm on the Thursday before delivery. (Delivery is on Monday)

Can I select the meals I want in advance?

An email goes out on Wednesday that tells you what meals our chefs picked for your crate. You always have the ability to go into your crate and swap out meals if you don’t like what was picked for you. The cut off to make changes to your crate is 9pm the Thursday before delivery. (Delivery is on Monday)


Who delivers my package?

A Spee-Dee delivery driver will deliver your crate.

What time should I expect my Crate?

We do our best to deliver between the hours of 10am and 6pm.

Where does my box come from?

Our packing facility is in St. Paul, MN

Do I need to be home to sign for my package?

Nope. If you’re not home our delivery driver will drop your Crate on the doorstep or wherever you instructed during the signup process.

What happens if I am not home?

Our delivery driver will drop your Crate on the doorstep or wherever you instructed during the signup process. Once your Crate has been delivered you will get an email letting you know.

How do you keep the food fresh in transit?

We pack your meal in a corrugate cardboard box with an insulated liner and ice packs to keep your perishable ingredients nice and cold.

How much does delivery cost?

Lucky you! Delivery is FREE


How long will the food stay fresh?

The meals should be put into your refrigerator as soon as you open the box. The meals are good for the week that they were delivered. We recommend cooking any of the seafood/fish meals first to ensure they are at the highest quality.

What is your refund policy?

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your meal-kit provided by Local Crate, please contact us at chef@localcratemeals.com within 30 days. Local Crate may require you to return the product or provide a photo of the product that you are not satisfied with in order for us to provide credit back to your account or give you cash back. You are able to skip weeks, pause, or cancel your subscription at any time with no commitment.

How many calories are in each meal?

Calories vary from meal to meal. We try to provide flavorful, well balanced, local meals that taste great. We also state the calorie count on the front page of the recipe cards.

What happens if I lose my recipe card?

No problem! Email us and we will send you a PDF version of the recipe card that you can print off or follow from your mobile device.

Which ingredients do you assume I have at home?

In most cases, we ask that you provide nothing more than salt, cracked black pepper, and oil (either canola or olive) from your own pantry.  We like to keep things simple!

Why do my meats and seafood have a funny smell sometimes?

During storage and shipping, meats can release gas in the vacuum-sealed bag which may produce a strong and sometimes adverse sulfur smell. As directed on the recipe card, we recommend rinsing and patting dry all of the meats and fish/seafood that you receive in your crate before cooking. That being said, should you receive any product that is of questionable quality, please contact our customer support team at chef@localcratemeals.com.

Where are the Local Crate ingredients sourced?

Being a locally focused and responsible company we do our very best to source all of our ingredients from vendors and suppliers from the state of Minnesota. We understand that getting every single ingredient locally isn’t realistic. In those cases we source the ingredients from small businesses or local, small distribution companies that have high ethical and sustainable business practices.

Do your suppliers use the same standards for sourcing?

For us to purchase from a supplier they must adhere to our quality, sustainability, and ethical standards.

Are your ingredients organic?

Since we work with a lot of local small farms it is difficult for them to get certified due to cost. We do source some organic ingredients but, at a minimum, we require that our farmers, if not certified, at least practice organic, all natural, sustainable, and ethical farming techniques.

Do you offer gluten free or dairy free options?

We do offer some gluten and dairy free options. We work hard to build those recipes banks up as well as our paleo and vegan offerings.

I am allergic to specific ingredients, how can I avoid this while ordering?

You are able to view what’s in your crate ahead of time. On the recipe card it lists what allergens there are. If you think it might be an issue you can swap that recipe out for another one that’s being offered that week.

What can you tell me about your poultry and meat? Are they all natural?

Yes, at the very least our meats are all natural. We try to source only grass fed beef and always free range poultry.

Do your meals fit into a healthy lifestyle?

Yes, although we are not a “diet” modeled company we are health conscience, and try to offer nutritionally balanced meals that taste great.

How long should it take to cook each dish, including prep time?

We try to keep it under an hour but it all depends on the situation. You might have someone helping, or entertaining guests. All of those things will factor in.

Can I cook part of the meal and then the rest the following day?

The recipe card is written to make the full 2 serving meal. We don’t recommend splitting that up.

Should I wash my vegetables? Should I wash the protein (chicken, fish, beef or lamb)?

As instructed in the recipe card, you should always rinse and dry your produce as well as the proteins unless otherwise instructed.

I just opened my Local Crate, where do I find the protein?

The protein and perishable items will be packed together under the ice packs at the bottom of your crate or, in a insulated liner marked, PERISHABLE

How do I ensure the meat and seafood I prepare are cooked thoroughly?

We recommend that you always have a calibrated thermometer on hand to check the exact temperature of your meats and seafood. Below is a cooking temperature guide that you can reference.

Protein Temperature
Ground Turkey, Ground Chicken 165F
Poultry 165F
Ground Beef, Ground Pork, Ground Lamb 160F
Beef, Lamb 145F
Pork 145F
Fin Fish 145F
Shrimp, Scallops Cook until opaque


How do I cancel my account?

Visit the my-account section on our website

How do I change the default shipping address on my account?

Visit the my-account section on our website

How do I change the login information for my account?

Visit the my-account section on our website

How do I change the billing information on my account?

Visit the my-account section on our website

How do I log in to my Local Crate account?

Go to www.localcratemeals.com and click on the sign in button

How do I update incorrect account information?

Visit the my-account section on our website

What is the cutoff to skip a week or cancel?

9pm on the Thursday before delivery. (Delivery is on Monday)

What should I do if my delivery comes late?

Although we try very hard to get your meals to you before 6pm, mistakes happen. If you receive your meal after 6pm make sure that the perishable items are at or below 41ºf. If above please discard and contact us at chef@localcratemeals.com

Where can I look at my future menus?

Your future meals will be auto picked and sent to you each Monday. You will be able to go into your account and view your Crate. An email will also be sent letting you know what was picked for you. Don’t forget that you always have the ability to change what’s in your Crate until 9pm on the Thursday before delivery. (Delivery is on Monday).

When will you charge my card?

Friday around 3 a.m.