Best Prepared Meal Delivery Services & Apps

Last Updated: February, 2024

Best Premade Meal Delivery Apps of 2024:

Meal kit delivery and plan services are one of the best services for busy people. They enable working people to enjoy a tasty and nutritious meal without doing a cleanup.
Meal kit plan services don't always require a lot of preparation and cooking time; several delivery services offer prepackaged, prepared meals that you can serve in a matter of minutes after heating. Pre-packaged and pre-portioned frozen or fresh meals are available from many prepared meal delivery providers, saving you time with preparation, cooking, and cleanup.
Whether you're a vegan or vegetarian and have specific dietary requirements, this list will help you:


The factor is a prepared meal delivery service that brings pre-made, delectable dishes right to your doorstep every week. You can skip the preparation and cooking and simply heat, eat, and savor.
Customize your selections from a diverse weekly menu of 34+ dietitian-approved meals and 45+ add-ons tailored to your lifestyle. These meals require no preparation and arrive ready to be heated and enjoyed in just 2 minutes.
The versatile menu, designed by chefs and dietitians, caters to diverse eating styles, ensuring you find the perfect match.
Maintaining a balanced diet amid busy routines and frequent grocery store visits is hard. Factor simplifies this with its prepared meal delivery, ensuring excitement, flavor, and satisfaction. Factor’s dietician team ensures their meals provide essential nourishment.
Whether you're drawn to keto, low carb, high protein, vegetarian/vegan, or other diets, Factor’s prepared meal plan and delivery service caters to all preferences.


Sticking to a meal prep routine becomes effortless with HelloFresh’s weekly kit with fresh, diverse, and flavorful ingredients.
HelloFresh's meal prep kit plan and delivery service streamlines daily meal creation, requiring minimal time investment. You can enjoy your self-prepared meal quickly because HelloFresh will handle the meal planning and shopping and pack pre-measured, fresh ingredients for you.
You can select from a choice of 50+ weekly menus and market items. HelloFresh meal prep delivery is flexible because you can pause or cancel through your HelloFresh online account with a few clicks. When you're ready, resubscribe on your desktop or app for a fresh batch of delightful meal prep kits.
Catering to singles and families alike, HelloFresh offers tailored weekly meal plans. From calorie-smart or vegetarian options to family-friendly choices loaded with kid-approved flavors, HelloFresh ensures an exceptional culinary experience for all.


Catering to singles, couples, and families of up to 4 members seeking convenient and affordable meals, EveryPlate offers a flexible meal kit subscription service. Enjoy home-style, satisfying recipes and fresh ingredients delivered to your doorstep at an accessible cost per meal.
With clear, user-friendly instructions, you'll effortlessly transform into a chef. The service is adaptable—skip a week or cancel your subscription up to 5 days before the next delivery.
EveryPlate meal plan kits provide incredible dinners and save you money without compromising quality. Pre-portioned ingredients prevent unnecessary purchases and clutter.
EveryPlate’s collaboration with esteemed suppliers ensures fresh, premium ingredients arrive at your doorstep. EveryPlate offers simple, 6-step recipes that require minimal preparation time, facilitating enjoyable family meals.
EveryPlate prioritizes cost-efficiency, and their customers are anticipating specialized diets like keto, gluten-free, paleo, low-carb, or vegan. EveryPlate also offers a diverse selection of 21 weekly recipes suitable for regular diets, aligning with their commitment to value and convenience.

Eat Clean:

Eat Clean delivers chef-cooked, wholesome meals right at your doorstep with their healthy meal delivery service. Designed for those with busy schedules or the desire to avoid cooking after a tiring day, Eat Clean addresses the common struggle of resorting to unhealthy convenience foods.
You can choose from 4 to 12 meals per week and tailor your meal plan to your needs. You can explore traditional well-balanced choices featuring premium proteins, complex carbs, and farm-fresh veggies.
You can delve into the Paleo option, emphasizing lean proteins and farm-fresh vegetables while being gluten, dairy, and grain-free. You can also opt for the Keto menu, which is rich in healthy fats and low in carbs, promoting fat utilization for energy and free of gluten and grains.
Additionally, Eat Clean’s plant-based plan is ideal for those seeking varied, balanced, and animal-free options.

Final thoughts:

At first, selecting the best meal prep delivery plan and service may seem a bit daunting. For that reason, you should read this article and become familiar with the wide range of options that each service offers. The first step is to decide what kind of food you want, what dietary constraints you want to adhere to, and how much money you want to spend or save each week.

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